there was a young named who dreamed of being a champion. spent hours watching dog shows on television, longing to be one of those lucky dogs. realized how much wanted to be called a champion. decided to cheer up with a gift from the “Pooch’s House of Magic.” Luckily, found ’s favorite toy, a . Little did know, but it really was a magic toy. When got the new , the little ran off to to play with the new toy.

Suddenly, as played, in a shower of sparkles and spangles, a Puppy Fairy called Joviality appeared from the . Startled, first barked at the fairy, then chased it and eventually caught Joviality’s wing. But, before had a chance to eat the sparkling fairy, he cried out “, I can grant you any wish your heart desires!” Shocked, dropped the fairy, who gracefully tumbled from the dog’s mouth and hovered above the little ’s head.

“Can you make me a champion?” begged.

 “When you awake tomorrow morning, you will be a champion,” Joviality promised. , excited enough to , bounded off gleefully home. greeted and immediately went to the most comfortable place to sleep for the night, .

Dawn broke and awoke, more excited than ever. But, there was no change in the little , who felt no differently than the day before. Suddenly, a glimmering light caught ’s eye. The light was coming from ’s own neck. The little dashed to the nearest mirror, and was lost in the dazzling brilliance of a brand new golden nametag in the shape of a first place ribbon. Looking closer, noticed the inscription “Champion .”

Coming to awake the trusty , walked in and noticed gazing in the mirror. was pleased to see so happy. Patting the little on the head, said, “So, you finally got your wish. Now you know that you’re the champion I always knew you were.”

By Jovial Kennels

© Jovial Kennels
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