Ch. Jovial�s Dancing Queen (Abby)
Ch. Jovial's Commander Riker (Will)

Ch. Jovial's Heart of Gold (Suzie Q)
Ch. Jovial's Foxy Roxi Hart (Roxi)

Ch. Gaelforce Post Script (Peggy Sue)

Jovial's dogs living elsewhere:

Jovial's dogs that are deceased:


Ch. Jovial's Ci Ci Sue (Ci Ci Sue)
Ch. Jovial's Eastman at Charthill (Flyer)
Mcvan�s Maggie May (Maggie)
Ch. Jovial's Sealed with a Kiss (Peggy Too)
Ch. Mcvan's Duke of Earl (Duke)
Ch. Obladi Uncanny Juggernaught (Jug)

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